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By the mid 80’s ProCo Sound was selling Lifeline cables nationally, we had developed and were selling our first effect, the RAT worldwide, and had designed a second line of cables, Execelline, that sold for half the cost of Lifeline. Life was good, business was great.We knew we needed to develop a line of snakes but back then snake cables were stiff and hard carry. We went to work and designed a wonderful, great sounding, flexible, sturdy, easy- to- coil and carry snake cable for the touring /concert sound guys that we used for many years.

Next we designed microphone splits so a mic signal could be sent to the front of house board and the on-stage monitor board cleanly and with complete isolation. This created the need for excellent transformers which we designed and built and many are still utilized in our products today.

Then we needed multipin disconnects so the touring guys could break down the snake and make it easier to put in their road cases.

Our snake cable and connectors have evolved as technology advances are made and today ProCo Sound offers both Duralink and Acculink snake cable. We offer three lines of standard live sound wired snakes, Roadmaster, StageMaster SMA, and StageMaster SMC, and have the capability of building virtually any configuration of custom wired snake up to 64 channels. We also offer several configurations of analog and digital D-Sub Snakes, Insert Snakes, Patch Snakes, Quick Link Solutions, and the Momentum digital distribution system.