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What People Are Saying About ProCo

"I've been using ProCo cables for years and years and they have always been top-shelf in my book. 

During the years I worked at Electro-Voice, we would NEVER use anything but ProCo even if it was easier and less expensive to use another cable brand. We learned that ProCo cables lasted longer than anything else we bought. You could see and feel the quality that they were made with and we never entrusted our demos to anything else. 

For years, I've played bass in the music ministry at my church here in the Nashville area. I'm kind of a gear snob - I have two high-end basses, good amplifiers and our group uses a digital console for the main sound system mix when we play. I've been using an expensive, highly-rated cable with my bass and have generally been very pleased with the sound. 

More than 10 years ago, I bought a pair of ProCo Excellines to use with my keyboard rig. I only play one gig a year as a keyboard player and these cables have always served me well for this purpose. 

Last week, for some reason, I took one of the Excelline cables to church with me and when I plugged my bass in, I was SHOCKED at how much better the Excelline sounded than the much more expensive cable I regularly use. I heard the difference and I'm not switching back!

The ProCo cable had a perceptibly smoother sound and the metal plugs and soldering would definitely take a lot more abuse the more expensive cable. 

If I had to deliver the best sound that money can buy as well as to have something that will take ridiculous amounts of abuse, give me a PROCO every time. There is nothing finer." ~ Mike Torlone


Customer Service

"I had emailed Charlie some years back with a question about Rats and he invited me down for a tour.  It was an awesome experience and I stayed in touch with Charlie after that.  I still have a message from Charlie saved on my cell with him calling to tell about the new Whiteface reissues.  I still haven't tried a reissue yet.  Charlie mentioned getting one to me but sadly he is gone.  I didn't know what to think when I heard of his passing.  I had just spoke with him not too long before and he was still excited about everything ProCo had going on.  Charlie was a real gem and the world is a much different place without the Captain.  The thing I liked most about Charlie was how down to earth he was.  You would never guess that he owned a company like ProCo.  He treated me like he had known me my whole life the time that I met him.

I have many Rat's in my collection and also some of the notes that came along with candy etc in shipments I have received from ProCo.

Bill Eaton is another great guy you have there with whom I've spoken with several times.  He even gave me a call once to pass along the number of a guy selling  an early Rat. (which of course I bought)
Here is a link to my Rat History page http://webpages.charter.net/ daosmun/  feel free to link to this page or use an info you like.  I am always glad to help out ProCo." ~ Dana Osmun


Dana and Charlie at ProCo                                       Part of Dana's RAT collection


"I bought 4 of your Guardian cables back in 1998, I was touring heavey then, and a few of the ends became worn from such extreme use.  I mailed them back and you guys replaced all of them (this was back in 2007).  Your customer service is AWESOME!!!  I am still playing music and touring like crazy and I "plug" your cables to everyone who wants to know what cables I'm using on stage.  The are the best... Keep kicking (butt) you guys!" ~ Anthony Errato



 "The Momentum digital snake is our go-to digital snake. Our customers are always happy with its performance. Its ease of installation and reliability make it a product that we can stand by." ~ Brad Clark, Associated Sound


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