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Customer Service Kudos (6/22/10)

ProCo believes in providing first-class customer service.  We LOVE happy customers!  Thank you for the kind letter, Mike!

Dear ProCo,
I can't thank you enough for your recent repair of my RAT distortion pedals. Your staff was helpful, and really went the extra mile to make me a happy customer. I originally bought my RAT pedal many years ago, and when it stopped working, bought another; because I really liked the tone.  However, the new pedal wasn't exactly the same tone.  It was still better than any other pedal I tried.  I owned that pedal for two years when it failed to operate correctly.  The music store where I purchased it had told me to use my receipt as a warranty, and that I didn't need to fill out the warranty card that came with the pedal.  Upon returning to the store I found that they had gone out of business.  That was the String Shoppe, which had been in business for many years.  Since its closing it has been sorely missed.
Then I just decided to go to the chain store in my area and buy a pedal.  I bought a piece of crap pedal that I had to use on stage, and I hated it.  Eventually I decided to call your company.  Boy was I surprised to find a company that not only stands behind their product, but went the extra mile in repairing not only the new pedal, but the old one as well.  As I had a gig coming up, I eagerly awaited the return of my pedals.  I didn't have long to wait.  In just a few short weeks both of my pedals were returned.  There was however a problem.  The older pedal still didn't work.  The newer pedal was repaired and worked perfectly.  I really wanted that old tone back as I had sold my old Fender amp and couldn't quite get the tone out of my backup amp; even with the newwer pedal. So I called and talked to Mary in your customer service department.  She informed me that ProCo would send a repair tech to my house to repair the pedal.  I was stunned, and told Mary that wasn't necessary, and I would UPS the pedal to you; as it was old and probably couldn't be repaired.  I also mentioned that the t-shirts she sent were too small for me and could she send me an XL; as I ain't no little guy.
In no time at all, I had my pedal back, had my tone back, had my mojo workin'.  The next gig was great.  I wore your shirt.  I am also telling everyone how your customer service department did just that; served the customer.  Your repair techs worked quickly and even though they stumbled at first, came through like troopers in the end.
I would like to offer my thanks, especially to Mary in customer service, all the tech guys and Kandice the facilitator.  And thanks to Charlie WIcks, Captain of the Universe, for bringing these people together to make and stand behind such a bitchin' product."

                                                         ~ Mike Grennell, Columbus, OH