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We LOVE happy customers (4/26/10)

Customer feedback is critical to our process.  When it's this good, it's hard not to share:

A few years ago when I made the decision to get into the business of recording I was advised by engineers as well as producers to invest in good quality cables. They would all say the same thing, “The sound that comes from your room has a lot to do with the type of cables you use, from the way you wire your mixer to what is being used on your monitors”. Of course I didn’t listen, I mean how much difference could a wire make. A cable is a cable right. Wrong. I had cables from everywhere some I purchased some that were given to me, it really didn’t matter, if I acquired it and it worked when I plugged it in everything was great, or so I thought. After a while I had sound coming from only the left side of my studio and for the life of me I just could not figure it out. I thought I was going to have spend money on a new mixing board.

Then I was introduced to all of the nice people at Proco sound and all of the wonderful products they have to offer. I learned that a cable is not just a cable and all of the things that my peers had been saying to me actually were true. I have since rewired my entire studio using Proco sound products and it has made all of the difference in the world.  From the mic cables to the speaker cables it just doesn’t get any better than this. I now have great sound from both sides of my room all by just using good quality cables and I didn’t have to invest in a new board.

I am currently recording a new project on pop artist “Nina Storey” and I’m looking forward to giving a good report on this upcoming record.

Thank you for everything Proco sound, you have changed the process for me.

Russell Peppers
Recording and touring drummer, and producer.