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WFX Best New Product for Churches

WFX Best New Product for Churches

Worship Facilities Conference & Expo 2007 announced the 2nd Annual WFX New Product Awards, recognizing the most innovative new products to hit the house of worship market.

ProCo Sound is honored that Momentum, the second generation digital audio snake system, was recognized as a best new product from a group including Aviom, Sennheiser and Meyer Sound.

Designed to lower installation costs, Momentum fixes the pitfalls of analog audio wiring using proven Ethernet technology. Momentum converts the analog audio to a digital signal that can carry up to 256 inputs on one CAT6 cable. This new application of existing technology does the same thing as analog wiring (without the hums, buzzes and crackles), while adding flexibility and expandability.

Momentum offers reliable performance, outstanding capability, and multiple cost-saving advantages for audio contractors, audio consultants, architects, and the end users themselves.

ProCo teams up with David Crowder Band.

DCB has done invaluable Beta Testing of the Monitor Solution from ProCo Sound.

Dubbed "Ears", by ProCo Owner and CEO Charlie Wicks, the Momentum Digital Snake System's Personal Monitor System is sure to make a huge splash in the industry.

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The labor required for analog audio cables and installation can be reduced 40% to 60% by using proven Ethernet technology. Depending upon the system, savings could be from $25,000 to $100,000... Read More >>