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Debbe Stephenson Announces Retirement (5/11)


Debbe Stephenson Announces Retirement

RHC Holding Corporation announces that Debbe Stephenson, President of ProCo, has announced her decision to retire.  After a long career with the company, Mrs. Stephenson will step away from her duties at ProCo on May 20 of this year. 

 “I feel very comfortable with my decision, knowing that ProCo is finally stable and in extremely good hands,” stated Stephenson.  According to Debbe, the decision to retire was actually made four years earlier.  She explains, “I had expressed my decision to retire to Charlie [Wicks] four years ago.  He asked me to please stay and help him with the company as he battled his illness.  After Charlie passed, I needed to stay and help ProCo through the transition to the new ownership.  ProCo is now in great shape and headed in the right direction.  I can finally pursue other goals that have been ‘put on hold’ for four years.”

 Dale Williams, President of RHC Holding Corporation, expressed disappointment and understanding with Mrs. Stephenson’s decision.  “Of course we would like Debbe to stay,” stated Williams. “One cannot replace Debbe Stephenson. Her strong character, personality, wisdom and experience will be greatly missed.  Debbe has made great personal sacrifice on behalf of ProCo.   I understand her decision and we wish her the very best.”

 At this point, RHC Holding Corporation has no plans to replace Mrs. Stephenson.  Garry Templin, National Sales Manager, remains as the ‘face of ProCo in the field’ and Pat Shallow has been named by RHC to serve as General Manager of the production facility.  

We wish Debbe the very best for her future!