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How to Choose the Right Cable

ProCo has been building professional audio cables for 27 years. During that time, we have found that little useful information has been carried from generation to generation about what we do.

If you’ve searched the web for “audio cables”, you know there is virtually nothing about live performance cabling. You will find a lot of data from really opinionated hi-fi speaker cable connoisseurs and loads of techno-babble.

You will find little about professional audio cables — probably because to most musicians it is a really, really boring subject — that is, until a bad cable ruins your best take of the day or your best solo of the night.


We’ve developed these guides to explain the wide range of different cables, and to take the smoke and mirrors out of our trade so you can buy the right cables for you.

Although ProCo products are used as examples, these guides are not intended to hype ProCo. They are designed to give you the knowledge you need to ask retailers intelligent questions regarding your cable purchases, regardless of what brand you buy.